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Mina Mania

Polymorphic artist

Mina Mania is an internationally renowned artist from Berlin who has created an ode to femininity with her iconic female character Nana. Nana stands for values such as self-determination, self-confidence, openness, courage, freedom, strength, joie de vivre and vitality. She transmits a powerful, motivational, and euphoric energy. What we all need is love, good vibrations, inspiration and a fire that burns within us! “I love life, the joy and the power that is in everything!“, says Mina Mania. „Nanarchie“ stands for an intuitive positive revolution and transformation, peace, love, unity and respect! "Nanarchie“ is a positive example of a movement that progresses with guidance and support instead of domination and violence. It is about illuminating strength, not force. LIGHT THE POWER! VIVE LA NANARCHIE!

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